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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Angel Hair Stripes Baby Blanket

Another Halloween baby graced us early. Not due till the 14th of November Chloe Lynn was born to share my grandson Jaden's birthday. Baby Chloe is the daughter of Cass (Andi's sister). Initially she was to have a boy... hence the BLUE blanket. Thankfully enough color variation exists for it to be acceptable for a girl. SURPRISE.
Finished just in the "nick of time".

Monday, November 1, 2010

Colored PINK (at the Granville Mill) Part 2

Even the Animals came all "dressed up"!


So don't let these TURKEYS get you down!! :-)

The Alpaca, Llamas and even Donkeys came for the day. Shortly after the Alpaca were dressed up as "professionals, elves and bumblebees".

A nice turn out for the Land of Legend Antique Tractor club.

It was a great day. Mom came for a couple of hours and enjoyed learning about the Alpaca. She even held a couple of bunnies despite her "allergies". Aunt Gail wore herself out sharing information about the bunnies and being Miss social butterfly. And Scott could not help it.... wore himself completely out as well sharing so much information and allowing young and old to have a chance to pat the "young and old" LOL...

Colored in Pink (at THE Granville Mill) Part 1

Party at the Granville Mill to support Breast Cancer Awareness. What an enjoyable day with a nice turn out. We stayed busy all day sharing the joy of our Angoras & Lionheads. Scott and I hardly had time to sit down and relax. Even Aunt Gail was busy. She was delighted she could help out with the little she knows about our Angoras. Yet, that did not stop her. She was proudly sharing Jean-Luc's information with anyone that stopped by and allowing him to be the center of many pats.

To the right is "DR." Steve our main go to at the Mill. If you want it, he'll try to get it in. The ladies that work at the Mill insisted he dress the part and provided him the scrubs he's wearing to support the "cause".

Below is our "little" display. Special thanks to Annette for loaning us the poster that she's put so much work into. It certainly helped to get some attention for our Angoras!

Purina was the feed sponsor and any bag of "Pink" feed they'll contribute to the cause a whole dollar of each bag.